Thesis questions

This is a collection of questions that has been going around my mind about the topic of my research.

1# In future could it happen that science would legitimate his pure research in the name of miracle/religious relevation?

2# Is the incoming biotechnologic transformation in society inspiring us a Millenarian feeling? Are/Aren’t we afraid of science?

3# How does the comunication of scientific progress influence the public opinion on biotechnologic development?

4# Isn’t there an incongruity between the speed of biotechnologic progress and the human capability of undestanding/absorbing these daily revolutions?

5# Are we too much concerning about biotechnology? Should we think of it as a new “natural” way of human evolution? (Natural because everything in science is conceived by human mind)

6# How should we integrate biotechnology in the cycle of our life, since this technology is going to interfere deeply on the way we are born and we die?

7# Which alternatives ways of beeing born and dying could be introduced by biotechnology?

8# Could a feeling of sacred be born around the discovery of biotechnology and its material applications in living organisms?

9# Could the faith in biotechnology and the values involved in it inspire a new totemic organization  of society like those ones Durkheim studies in Austrialian tribes? 

10# Could we riduce our all life as human beings to our genetic information?

11# Since we are assisting to the body physical engineering through biotech processes, can the body itself also be metamorphosed in order to be able to answer better to people spiritual and religious need?

12# Could we speak about bioengineered religion if the biotechnologies were applied to the living organisms in order to augment the way they perceive and experience spirituality?

13# Could the bioengineered body  also cover the spiritual side of man, so that it could allow people to find out new values for the biotechnological life cyle? 

14# If the rituality in men is  genetic inheritance, how could it be bioengineered?

15# What could happen if the progress was driven not by technology, but by man values?


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