Thesis abstract

This is the collection of the thesis abstracts I have been developing on the topic of Biotechnology and Religion. For each abstract I also publish the commented print out by my mentor Bas Raijmakers.

It is going to be a work in progress until I don’t focus the right concept for my Biotechnogiosity research.

Keep patient!

# abstract1_20sept07.pdf


## abstract2_09oct07.pdf

 (please also read the post

 1_-biological-life-cycle.jpg                2_-bioengineered-life-cycle.jpg               3_-biologic-life-cycle-in-cartesian-system.jpg

4_-the-4-quadrans-in-bioengineered-life-cycle.jpg            5_-the-cartesian-system-of-the-bioengineed-life-cycle.jpg


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