Provocating reactions?

21 11 2007

I got a very strong reaction from one scientist who was asked by my “supporter” in a well- known university in the Netherlands to let me film one of his experiment.


#   Here I report the original version in dutch and the translation into English: 

Professor to me (it means to my “supporter” who has been contacting professors in the University to ask for my permission to film.  My “supporter”  received this e- mail) :

Zoals je zult begrijpen respecteer ik zijn beslissing. Dat betekent dat wij geen medewerking zullen verlenen aan het projectvoorstel van Paula Boffi.



Technician to the professor:

Ik ben er echt niet weg van dit project; ik wil niet meewerken aan enige vergelijkingen tussen een katholieke mis en het uitvoeren van celkweek. Ik heb dit (italiaanse!!!) meisje helemaal door, het is een pure provocatie en ik heb geen zin om hierin mee te werken (en ik zou het ook absoluut niet op prijs stellen als een van onze medewerkers dit zou doen). Celkweek en wetenschappelijk onderzoek hebben niets te maken met rituelen (gelukkig).

Dit project kan alleen maar negatief uitpakken voor onze Faculteit. Jammer dus!

#   Translation into English

Professor to me (it means to my “supporter” who has been contacting professors in the University to ask for my permission to film.  My “supporter”  received this e- mail) :

As you will understand I respect his decision. This means we cannot give any cooperation to the project-proposition of Paula Boffi.



Technician to the professor:

I’m really not fond of this project; I do not want to cooperate on any comparisons that are made between a catholic mess and cell-reproduction.
I know what this (Italian!!!) girl is up to, this is pure provocation and I don’t feel like cooperating on this (and I don’t appreciate it at all if one of our fellow-colleagues would). Cell-reproduction and scientific investigation have nothing to do with rituals (fortunately).

This project can only have a negative influence on our Faculty.
Too bad!


My “supporter” was so shocked from this reaction that she phoned me. And she also started to say to me that this email is a good point for my thesis. It means I’m provoking a debate since the beginning and that I’m quite right raising the issue of the black box and the action of scientists. It means it is true that between science and people there is a kind of gap that makes scientific research and human feelings far away and not understandable each other.

My helper is now getting fond of my research and trying to find another scientist interested in my research. I may have an appointment with him in the next week.




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