Biotechnogiosity religion features

13 11 2007

Here there is a list of key words/features related to Biotechnogiosity as religion:

#   it gives stability to Man and Society

#   it rules over the individual rights

#   it gathers together the collectivity

#   its content shows a moral imperative

#   it generates rituals

#   the collective aspect is more important than the individual ones

#   its aim is to find the truth

#   love as the beginning

#   order as the structure

#   progress as the end

#   it creates taboos

#   it has sacred objects which are forbidden, separated from the common life

#   the sacred object is the sistematic rapresentation of the world

#   it has object that inspires respect

#   it has object that inspires wordship

#   it has object that inspires fear

According to this list, I create one of the task that my recruited scientists are required to do in my cultural probes.

I associated to the sentences above a picture that explain the concept, but on the other hand not related to religion in order to reduce the influence on the testers. On the back of each postcards I asked to write a sentence or shoot a picture in the lab that rapresented the tester personal idea on the concept I wrote.




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