Recruited crew for cultural probes

11 11 2007

Up to now this is the recruited crew of scientists working in labs that joined my reseacrh with cultural probes. I managed to enrole them publishing “calls” in biotechnology/biology blogs and writing directly to people I came across through the internet.

1#   Neville Cobbe

He is a research fellow at the University of Edinburgh, Queen’s Medical Research Institute in Evolutionary Biology. He also writes articls for the magazine Zygon, about Religion and Science.

2#   Neli Prota

She is a Ph. D in Biology at the Waginengen University, The Netherlands. She is from Italy.

 3#   Simone  Maccaferri

He is an Italian researcher who is finishing his studies in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology. He has been the president of CNSB, National Coordination of Biotechnology Students in Italy, ( Now he is working in the Industrial Microbiology Lab, Dept. Pharmaceutical Science of the University of Bologna. He is member of ANBI, Association of the Italian Biotechnologists, (, where he is following a projct about biotech lifelong learning as a delegate in the excutive board. He was enrolled in the team of young scientisc who carried out the Biopop project, a multilateral project funded by EU Six Framework Programme in which young European biotechnologists meet citizens to build a new model of communication with society.

4#   Gustavo Pesce

He is a Senior Research Fellow at the Molecular Scincs Institute MSI, (, where he is working on the yeast molecule.

The mission of the MSI is to predict the behaviour of cells and organisms in response to defined genetic and environmental changes.

5# Malgorzata Lagisz

She is a biologist, working as postdoctoral researcher at Newcastle University in the UK. She runs an EU-founded project on development of insecticide resistence in a pest beetle. Her research is quite interdisciplinary- it encompases ecology, ecotoxicology, genetics and bioinformatics. She does a lot of lab work (breeding and killing beetles, genetic analyses) and lots of computer work (data handling and analyses, writing papers), as most biologists do.

6# Francesca Kone

She is a master student in Marine Biology, Polytechnic University of Ancora, Italy.




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