Comte and the Religion of Humanity

11 11 2007

In Comte view, religion gives stability to the relationship between man and society and it coordinates every single aspects of this interaction. Religion doesn’t give us any reality, it just gives sort of commandments. Especially in all those societies where there is not a scientific approach to reality.

I wonder now which kind of meaning religion would have in our age, where we actually experience science and its progress in every day life. Would religion reveale the truth in that case?

We live in the post- Reason age and we are empowering human life cycle thanks to Biotechnology.  Comte introduced the Religion of Humanity as the only spirituality practise that people during positivism could have had. Every natural aspects would have been explained from a scientific point of view, observation and practise. Humanity at the end would not only be the object of Religion, but even its subject, taking the place of God.

In the Biotechnology Age, I see Bioengineered Humanity as the object of religion, and as well its subject, together with the scientific community.

The religion in that case would actually be my Biotechnogiosity.




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