Calling for scientists for cultural probing

23 10 2007

It has been a week yet that I’m emailing scientists from different disciplines related to Biotechnology in order to get them involved in my Cultural Probes, (for an insight about what the cultural probes consist of, click the following links: gaver_dunne_interactions_1999.pdf and gaver_interactions_2004.pdf) .

Up to now this are the recruited people:

– Neville Cobbe, he is a research fellow at the University of Edinburgh, Queen’s Medical Research Institute in Evolutionary Biology. He also writes articles for the magazine Zygon, about Religion and Science;

– Neli Prota, Ph.D in Biology at the Wageningen University, The Netherlands;

– Francesca Kone, Master in Marine Biology, Polytechnic University of Ancona, Italy.

The research I’m going to do with the scientists, as I said,  is called Cultural Probes and it is meant to give me some inspirations. It is quite different from the scientific method, that’s because it is a creative process of the design descipline.
It consists of a few tasks I ask them to do (I design this task by myself according to what I want to know more…the aim is to be surprised by thier answers) and as you will see, if you accept my request, the tasks seems to be not linked each other and not focusing on particular problem. It is all normal! I will use this probes to better know the human side of scientists researching in labs.
The probes will consists of prints out and other material I will send to them by regular post, obviously I will pay for everything. Then they will send me back the material as soon as they complete the tasks.

If there is any scientists reading right now and who would like to take part of this research, I would be very happy! Just leave a message in the way of “comment”.




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29 10 2007

I am interested

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