Biotechnogiosity Advent Calendar

23 10 2007

I have started to visualize my research as a biotechnologic process itself and Biotechnogiosity like the hybrid embryo born from the two different species cells of Biotechnology and Religion.  The subtitle of this blog already says “a research about the religious faith as a biotechnologic process”. When I wrote this, it was just  a supposition, now I have got the real reason for me. At a “molecular scale”, I must say at the “inner scale”, Biotechnology and Religion are made of the same essence, the same Dna, (I need to elaborate this concept more.), so they can be addressed of all those kinds of biotechnology processes we know up to now, in a conceptual level.

The Biotechnogiosity hybrid cell is an embryo, is a stem cell that gets a differentiation only when it is contextualized in one of the 4 quadrans of the cartesian system of the bioengineerd life.

To show the various developments of the Biotechnogiosity stem cell and its specialization, I have created the Biotechnogiosity advent calendar, (you can see it from here: biotechnogiosity-advent-calendar.pdf), where, according to the X axis of bio/biotechnologic life and the Y axis of biologic time/afterlife, I have put all the concepts that have emerged in my mind, seeds of possible projects. 





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