Vertigo Experience Design

21 10 2007

How could I translate into design, (object or experience), this ideas of future scenario I have in mind?

This is the questions my teachers have been asking me for days…and I must confess I’m getting a little bit stressed. I feel I don’t know enough about Biotechnology and Religion yet to get any conclusions that may not be a gadget. But it is true, I have to start somehow, even if it will not be the definitive conclusions. It will be part of the process .

I thought that my outcome could become devices or enactments to see and experiences this VERTIGO I have seen.

I think about the work of Ugo La Pietra in the ’60/’70 with his “Machines for the Unbalance”, spread in the city environment to make you see and experience the various features of the it in a different prospective.

Like simulator  that augument yourself in a projected future scenario. This is the main feature of what I call vertigo experience design. Not just experiencing how it could be simply.

Setting the scenario is as important as the device itself.  To experience the vertigo you need to see the precipe. You need the precipe and the right eyes that allow you to make that experience.

So maybe the outcome could both reproduce the scenario and give you the devices to live it. Like building a set of a movie. And make people using the environment with those devices I provide like they were the actors of this movie. Make people live in the scenario with the right insight for a while, for the time of their trip. Giving me back the record of their trip.

(Now I feel excited and scared)




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