Ritual against brain blackout?

21 10 2007

In the previous post Religious experience as brain configuration, I explained how scientists could take the control over population through the genetic engineering of encephal and providing it a kind of spiritual experience in order to keep people delighted in front of science development.

This could give too much power to scientists and people somehow need to be protected and be able to awake from this black out, to refuse the science as the devil they carry inside.

Maybe I can suggest a Ritual of EXORCISM:

– performed by the good side of scientists in the way of a lab experiment;

How to design this Ritual of EXORCISM:

– do the scientists wear something special that can have an effect on people?

– do they have a particular device for it?

– do they have a particular lab equipment to make this lab exorcism?

These are different way I could go on to design something to perfom this ritual.




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