Religious experience as brain configuration

21 10 2007

Neurotheology claims that the religious experience is a particular configuration of the brain. The brain itself is genetically programmed for the religious experience.

When you are having  religious experience, it is demonstrated that the encephal, the part of the brain governing the perception of the bourder between ourselves and the rest of the world, the infinite, has a blackout because it doesn’t receive any sensorial input from the man concentrating in his pray.

Neurotheology explains how the rituals can involve celebral statuses from which  a wide range of sensations derives, like feeling part of  community and joining deeply the universe. Religious people think at this feeling as the meeting with God, but it is totally retraceable in the way the brain works.

That also explains why even not religious people got moved in front of religious rituals. 

I could investigate this phenomenon in order to develop a project for two of the four scenario of the Biotechnological Life Cycle I explained in the previous post, in particular the one of Biological Life and the other one of Biotechnological Life during your life time.

# What if we were all genetic engineered by ruling scientists to have this kind of encephal black out in front of biotechnological processes?

# Could this be a possible scenario of Biotechnogiosity Society? Like living in a kind of Matrix?

# Which “pills” or devices could awake our encephal?

# Should we be subjected to a kind of exorcism?

# Could we save ourselves from this biotechnology abuse through a biotechnology remediation?




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21 10 2007
Ritual against brain blackout? « biotechnogiosity

[…] against brain blackout? 21 10 2007 In the previous post Religious experience as brain configuration, I explained how scientists could take the control over population through the genetic engineering […]

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