David Lynch and Jonathan Bishop

20 10 2007

Saturday morning, preparing deliveries for my mid term. New mind maps… I know, I’m terribly late but I’m confident.

Internet on, I started to google and I came across David Lynch. And one of his first short movie, The Grandmother, 1970. It’s the history of a young boy who makes his grandmother resuscitate from a seed in order to run away from his parents abuses.

I love the crypticism of his work and I was happy to find this movie because it is linked to my project somehow. 

david-lync.jpg      david-lync2.jpg      davidlynch5.jpg   

david-lync3.jpg      david-lync4.jpg

Yesterday I also got to knew the work of Jonathan Bishop from RCA, Future rituals. I was a little upset but also happy to see the similarities with my ideas. His work his amazing. He managed to make a project like story telling supported by still pictures,. videos, leaflets and narrative itself. The topic is about private rituals to celebrate inner human feelings in daily life, based on science development and its magic opportunies. 

additional-phantom-limb_jonathan-bishop.jpg      paperfoot_phantom-limb_jonathan-bishop.jpg       enactment_phantom-limb_jonathan-bishop.jpg   

I emailed him before reading the stories from which eacah project originates, I was scared to find too many similarities with my project.  Jonathan Bishop is really great.




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