Ethics in scientific research

19 10 2007

During my reading I came across this concept:

” the ethics of scientific research should be originate from the research itself”

It means that scientists should already have in mind their system of values to stick to during their work. But I also believe that on the other hand society itself has to provide them those critical opinions thanks to which they can formulate at the end these shared, collective values I’m talking about since the beginning of my research.

The idea of religion I have had in mind up to now is near to this definition of collective values, that’s way I call it lay, human, horizontal religion.

A religion that is shaped by biotechnology and by the current biotech society on one hand (with “shaped” I mean “redefined, updated” according to the changes of society) and a religion that shapes the progress of the scientific research on the other hand through its system of values. This is how I would like to actualize Durkhiem thought about the bipolar link that joins and crosses the two different field of biotechnology and religion. This is one of the active influence and relationship I see between this two apparently far topics.

Religion and Biotechnology, both shapers of the other ones, both the results of the other one.




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