Genetics of rituals

15 10 2007

Ethologists, such as Julian Huxley and Konrad Lorenz, studied the genetic trasmissions of rituals behaviour in animals.

Some researchers affirm the same for human beings at a base level, then culture would integrate particular behaviours according to the different context people belong to.

On the contrary, anthropologists completely disagree: they think that rituals are a cultural inherintance, no genetics would be involved in the transmission. They say that rituals help people to cope with the most important phases of life: birth, puberty, marriage, death. They also say that ritual is the primary religious phenomenon from which other features of religion arises. The religioun would be a rationalization of rituals, according to them. Rituals would also be symbolic rapresentation of the holy.

But what if ritual behaviour was really written in our DNA?

So, would religion really be codified in our cromosomes?

And what would genomics involve in our religious faith if this genetics inheritance really exists?

I need to find out more about genes and religious behaviour. I will check some articles in the magazine Zygon, about religion and science.




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