Why combining biotechnology and religion

10 10 2007

While I was thinking about my second abstract ( abstract2_09oct07.pdf ), I got what rapresents for me the reason to combine biotechnology and religion.

It is all about the Life Cycle and how man perceives it.

Without the introduction of biotechnology in human life, the only life man could have was the BIOLOGIAL LIFE.


In the Biological life, human perspective follows always the same direction passing through the different stages of being born, young, adult, dying. 

After the introduction of biotechnology, the life cycle of have been changing very quickly. Man passes through the different stage of his life at different speed, that’s why on the drawings you see circles with a different radius. But even the way one follows changes in direction, so, for example, one may come back to be born again when from being adult he passes to be born again.

The BIOTECHNOLOGIC LIFE shows a complex life cycle that generates turbolence at the view of the person experiencing it. 


Religion has always been dealing with the human life cycle to let man understanding his human limits.

Nowadays could religion metabolize this changes in human life cycle in order to add human values to the development of biotechnology?

Do man need to update his range of human values to better understand and apply the scientific development?

I follow my study on life circle drawing it in a cartesian plane, where:

X= biological life

Y= time of life


The graphic of the Biological life shows an hyperbole curve that approches closer and closer the asymptote X and Y. It means that the more the time passes by from our birth, the more our body decays, following the biological flow.

If instead we try to rapresent the Biotechnologic life ( or bioengineered as you read from the drawings), we find also the negative domain and codomain of the cartesian axises.

-X= biotechnologic life ( like the antagonist/ the extension  of biological life)

-Y= -biological time life= afterlife 


The cartesian system in these case shows 3 graphics more in the other three quadrans of the plane.

#)    -X/Y quadran

It shows when biotehnologic processes are introduced in your body during your biological time of life, for example if you are a receiver of genetic material during your life.

#) -X/ -Y quadran

It shows when biotechnologic processes deal with the afterlife of an organism, for example when genes from a dead organism are transmitted to a living one.

#) X/ -Y quadran

It shows the two opposite conditions of afterlife time and biological life. It is like affirming that after death there would be still a possibility of a second biological life for each of us, for example cloning organism.

The outcome of biotechnology introduction in human life is the opening to other possibilities of life that overcomes biological limits: biotechnology opens the way to the Transfiguration of ourselves into something else during our life, the Resurrection of a dead organisms into another living creature, the Apocalypse/ End of Humanity with the reproduction of biological life in a negative time, like cloning. 





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